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Lessons Learnt

  • Working in a Call Center during my studies I learnt how to juggle with 10 programs at once on a computer and how to calm down upset customers.
  • In my studies (journalism and communication science, psychology and theatre science) I learnt how to do as much as I could and still have a great time being 20.
  • I took a gap year in Australia and learnt how great the world can look like and how good it is to live on this planet.
  • Administrating the eLearning platform of the secondary schools in Vienna, I learnt how politics and teacher-education can be a team.
  • Assisting in the creation of a course of lectures at the Danube University and regularly tutoring in „eEducation“, I learn how important it is to keep all your notes together and to focus on your objectives.
  • Working as eLearning trainer and consultant for the company common sense – eLearning & training consultants, which I still cooperate with, I learn, among many other things, how to grab a taxi at the airport in Jakarta.
  • In trainings for trainers at ibis acam, I see how enthusiastic and professional trainers for the Austrian employment service are and which digital tools really help.
  • Working as trainer and online tutor since about 2003 I am learning that I love meeting people and supporting their learning process.